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public service announcement (PSA)

This question has 2 major tasks: 1) create a PSA. 2) Write an executive summary for the grant application.

1- Design a poster as a public service announcement (PSA) focused on any aspect of special populations during disasters. This is the chance for you to think creatively as well as to showcase any artistic ability you have.

Identify a disaster topic on need of public education and preparation. Seek current information on the topic and target audience (regional or location). Look for a financial backer to provide an executive grant summary for your campaign.

You will further craft at least one specific Public Service Announcement (PSA) to present to the class. Be creative in your delivery – This can be a short video clip, and audio radio announcement 30 sec, internet clip, flip book etc. and may involve more than one actor, etc.

you do not have to be stressed – this is a low budget approach and there are multiple ways to do this assignment.

Go to the following links and read: developing PSAs
guidelines for basic PSA info – just substitute EM for victim rights

PSA research site – stresses the importance of the basics – pre-campaign research

2- after choosing your personal PSA topic, and develop the conditions for your ‘campaign’. You will need to plan (project planning) and develop the answers to the critical questions needed to submit a grant application to a potential financial sponsor you identify. You will demonstrate this by writing an Executive Summary for that grant application.

you need to find a sponsor and write an executive summary for a grant application. To succed in this project, you will need to DESIGN a Public Service campaign preparing or mitigating risk. You will need to identify the subject area, the target audience, the proper recommendations, the messaging, and choose a modality. Estimate the number of repetitions needed and the number of outlets for your chosen modalities, and give an estimate of the funds required to complete this campaign. Then you write a compelling argument, in an Executive Summary format

you have to answer who,what where,why,when,how

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