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Quick q and a project manager

75 word response to the following questions.

1.) Discuss the Seven Rules of Motivation. Do you follow these rules or have you found other techniques for keeping yourself and the project team motivated?

2.) Class, what is the prevailing leadership theory in your organization? What is your preferred leadership style? How does your style complement or contradict the style in the organization? How do you resolve these differences so you can continue working there?

Read some of each document and comment 75 words about each of them

Motivational Theories and Stress Management

  • 1.) Capozzi, M. M., Dye, R., & Howe, A., (2011). Sparking creativity in teams: An executive’s guide. McKinsey Quarterly, (2), 74-81.
  • 2.) Langfred, C. W., & Moye, N., (2014). Does conflict help or hinder creativity in teams? An examination of conflicts effects on creative processes and creative outcomes. International Journal of Business & Management, 9(6), 30-42.
  • 3.) Pathak, A. A., (2015). Effective knowledge management tools boosts virtual teams. Human Resource Management International Digest, 23(3), 26-28.
  • 4.)…

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