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Total word count: 550, use 2 reading links below, and then find one new source outside.

Critical Thought post – all students will post a critical thought post for this last discussion. As before, your critical thought post should be 2 to 4 paragraphs in length. Be sure to include a few questions, references and citations when referring to course material or any material from other sources. Again, this post should be a well-composed critical response and reaction to the readings, videos, articles, lectures, etc. It is a chance for you to offer some concluding thoughts. Explore the course readings and lectures in light of current events in the news, as well as relate the material we are covering in this course to your opinions, perceptions, and bring in new material to support your critiques and explorations. These critical thought posts are a good chance for you to develop questions and show your critical evaluation skills. This should not simply be a rehash of our readings and lectures. Be sure to include outside material, make connections between historic and current events, illustrate critical thinking skills, and include references and citations.








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