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This due tomorrow! Very important! Must have TABLEAU knowledge

This assignment covers data preprocessing and visualization. You need to select a dataset, clean it, and then use Tableau for visualization. You can use any dataset including UCI data sets The scope of cleaning depends on your dataset and can be as little as deleting rows with null values or replacing null values with mean or median. It is recommended that you try to be creative and try to add new calculated columns. For visualization, you need to develop at least 5 charts (i.e., 5 sheets), one dashboard, and a story. One of the charts should fit a trend line. You need to check the normality of the variables before using them in trend analysis. After you fit the trend line, check the residuals to make sure they are normally distributed. Check out this video if you need help with trend lines in Tableau The story will have the highest weight when it comes to grading. It should very descriptive and allow me to view the most important findings with little effort. The story should start with the goal of the project as well as data collection and cleaning procedure. It will then continue with important findings

Submit 1) your Tableau file and 2) the original dataset pre-cleaning as two separate files (not as a zip file).

I expect 5 charts one of which is a trend line. Then you need to conduct residual analysis for your trend line. That would be an additional sheets getting the total to 6 sheets. You need a dashboard and a story which gets the count to 8. In your story, include how you got your data, what you did for data preprocessing, a description of what I need to know about your data, and what you expect to find out in this analysis. Include a conclusion slide at the end of your story.

These are examples

Check out the following page for interesting samples of dashboards:

This one contains a story about earthquakes

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