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Educational Grant Proposal



Many teachers now write their own mini grants and obtain funding from internal or external funding sources. In this option for your assessment, you are tasked with writing sections of a grant to help you obtain funding for new technology that would assist you in teaching within your own educational setting. Consider a potential educational technology integration (for example, blended learning, 1:1 classrooms/schools, flipped learning, classroom response systems/clickers).

For the sake of this assessment, you will not be writing the budget section of your proposal or listing staff members, et cetera, who would need to be involved in the implementation; however, you would usually need to complete this information and potentially additional information needed by the grantor if you want to submit this for actual funding. We invite you to take this further during or after the course to fully develop your proposal and submit it. We have had learners already implementing their ideas within a few quarters of completing this course!

In your 3–5 page grant proposal, include the following:

  • Description of the educational technology
  • Potential for increasing student learning, based upon research and best practices
  • Indicators of success—how you would measure the success of the technology implementation.


It is important to consider how potential technologies align to the learning goals and your students’ learning needs. Explore some examples of specific technology tools and their potential applications or benefits through the following media piece:

As you think about potential benefits of technology integrations, consider how technology tools may offer opportunities for efficient and fun ways to solicit student input through activities such as online surveys, in-class clicker or application-based tools, or wikis. How might technology help facilitate the approaches mentioned in the following article, which does not discuss technology as a facilitator of the ideas presented?

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