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Entrepreneurship Business Plan

I need 6-8 pages for the 2 main part below for a start up business plan. The product here is a blending bottle which can be carried around actively and conveniently. Please feel free to write the 2 part as you think it would sound great and make sense for a start up plan. There’s no limits to the marketing plan at all so just think about the product and come up with whichever marketing plan that will suit it.

“Go Blend! Will help those with active lifestyles have a simple day to day life. There is a need for a bottle that is quick and on the go that is lightweight and effective. Go Blend! Offers a cutting edge design that is able to blend anything one may want from protein to your favorite fruit. Go Blend! Helps to improve and simplify active lifestyles everywhere. One push and it’s good to go, the easy way.”

” This product is designed to improve and simplify active lifestyles. Go Blend! Has an on the go , lightweight design that allows portability. Whether you choose to blend your protein , fruits or vegetables it will do the job. The detached bottle allows for simpler uses once the ingredients are blended. Go Blend! Is reusable, machine washable and made from recycled material.”

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