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human services in which there may be a conflict of ethics or where ethical

1. In your own words, describe the steps in the ethical decision-making process. Think of one potential situation that may arise in human services in which there may be a conflict of ethics or where ethical decisions aren’t clear, and apply the ethical decision-making model. If you are unable to come up with your own example, feel free to borrow ideas from the case studies referenced in the readings. Have you ever had to face an ethically unclear situation? If so, how did you handle it? (I started some and picked a topic).

One potential situation that may arise where human services may have to step in is immigration. There are many illegal immigrants that come to this country with nothing and need assistance in order to survive. The social worker or human services expert assigned to these cases are obligated to report violators which will then create and break between legal and ethical obligations. Human services exist to help people, not to turn them in and make their situations worse.

“Code of ethics includes items that state the goals or aims of the profession, that protect the client, that provide guidance to professional behavior, and that contribute to a professional identity for the helper.” (An Introduction to the Human Services, 2015). The codes of ethics provide guidelines to follow and maintain professional behavior in order to meet limitations when dealing with clients.

2. A career in human service is fulfilling work, but as with all professions, there are specific challenges that human services providers are faced with. Which challenge would you most struggle with? Describe two strategies you can use to effectively deal with this challenge. Remember to support your answer with evidence from the reading or other sources.

Instructions: Please be sure to answer each question fully and include references to your textbook and at least 2 supplemental resources. Each response should be at least 500 words in length. You will have the opportunity to save your work and return to it as needed.


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