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Describe your own perspectives regarding the issues facing culturally and linguistically different students in the educational setting. What factors do you think have contributed to the continuing problem of the overrepresentation of students from culturally and linguistically different backgrounds in special education programs? What do you think the role (if any) of standardized assessments should be in the identification of these students as disabled?


Describe your own perspectives regarding inclusive education (e.g., the practice of mainstreaming those with disabilities into regular education classes with non-disabled peers). Provide specific examples from your personal experiences as well as from a broader societal standpoint.

PART C- pdf docs are uploaded and used them for PART C

PART C Share the topic you have chosen . Briefly describe the historical event you have chosen to analyze as well as the research question you will attempt to answer in your essay. Consider your reading about Québécois immigration. If you were researching this topic, what else would you like to know about the experience of the Québécois immigrants in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1870 that might not be covered in this piece?

PART C 1. Describe the historical event that you selected. Why is this event significant? Based on primary and secondary sources, develop a research question related to the
historical event you selected. In other words, what would you like to know more about?

PART C 2. Describe at least two secondary sources that you could use to research your historical event. Your
sources must be relevant to your event and must be of an appropriate academic nature. In your
description, consider questions such as: What are the similarities and differences in the content of
your sources? What makes them appropriate and relevant for investigating your event? What was
your thought process when you were searching for sources? How did you make choices?

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