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Interview a manager and write about an ethical issue they have dealt with.

Top ethical issues in our current workplace as the use of abusive behaviors including harassment and bullying; employee theft; and violating company Internet policies.

For this assignment, interview a manager at your current or former workplace in an area who is responsible for and have handling one of the ethical issues listed above. Then write a paper that is 3-4 pages summarizing the interview. Use the following process:

  1. Gather the facts
  2. Define the ethical issue
  3. Identify affected party(ies)
  4. Determine possible consequences
  5. Discuss the manager’s and/or organization’s obligation
  6. Finally, include your reflections on the interview.

Include information from at least three resources and submit the interview notes/transcript that you created during the interview

Banaji, M. R., Bazerman, M. H., & Chugh, D. (2003). How (Un)Ethical Are You? Harvard Business Review, 81(12), 56–64. Retrieved from

Taylor, S. G., & Pattie, M. W. (n.d.). When Does Ethical Leadership Affect Workplace Incivility? The Moderating Role of Follower Personality. BUSINESS ETHICS QUARTERLY, 24(4), 595–616.

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