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mkt312 week 8 discussion and response

“Nestle” Please respond to the following:

Note: Your initial discussion post and / or reply(ies) can be the traditional keyboarded entry, or you can use a video response (See the Job Aid in the Student Center of the online course).

  • Watch the video titled “Nestle” below.

  • Click here to access the video if it is not appearing or playing correctly above.
  • Based on the video and any outside research you believe is necessary, evaluate Nestle’s effectiveness in using advertising to communicate its sales promotions in traditional media channels, digital marketing, and social media.



RE: Week 8 Discussion


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Nestle-Waters, an entity of Nestle, dominates the water bottle industry with its 51 bottle water brands. Each brand has its own taste and come from different areas of the world. Their brand Valvert comes from a protected forest in the Gaume region of Belgium, while Poland Springs comes from springs in Maine. Historically Nestle Waters has used retail merchandising, print, commercials and sponsorships to market their individual brands. To reach their marketing goals of increasing sales and brand awareness the company restructured their Marketing Department. Instead of having individual General Managers create different marketing strategies and tactics, they centralized their sales force, streamlined marketing strategies and standard processes. One clever strategy was to target consumers during specific occasions/events of the year where water bottle usage is high. Thus, they focused on the Superbowl to target consumers with substantial advertising and promotions.

Another advertising/marketing opportunity Nestle Waters seized was increasing their corporate social responsibility by becoming advocates for the environment. Advertising in all mediums that they are environmentally conscious and adopting core environmental values by which the company operates. In fact, its website educates the consumer on types of water, hydration and other topics.

Among all the mediums, I think Nestle Waters need to up their game in web/internet marketing. Their website design in a little dated and the social media presence is weak. However, individual brands have updated website designs and higher social following. Below I compared some Nestle Water brands against competitors. This research is based on US marketing not their international brands.

Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube Tumblr SnapChat
Nestle Waters (NA) 584 227 4385 848 N/A N/A
Poland Spring Natural Spring Water 312916 8815 5856 3293 N/A N/A
Perrier 1.6M 14.4K 14.1K N/A No access N/A
Deer Park 322967 2603 1940 959 N/A N/A
Evian 1.5M 92.2K 38.9K 225259 N/A No Access
Aquafina 72326 N/A 5952 N/A N/A N/A
Dasani 366969 12.2K 14.3K 3828 N/A N/A
Coca Cola US 107.5M 2.6M 3.33M 3M N/A N/A


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