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mkt312 week 9 discussion and response

“Slightly Exaggerated” Please respond to the following:

Note: Your initial discussion post and / or reply(ies) can be the traditional keyboarded entry, or you can use a video response (See the Job Aid in the Student Center of the online course).

  • Go to the Federal Trade Commission Website located at Search for Deceptive Advertising. At Results, go to the “More” tab on the top blue bar and from that drop down menu chooseCase.Select a recent case involving deceptive advertising. 1) Read the Press Release; 2) Watch the video exhibit (if available); 3) Read the Complaint; 4) Read the Decision and Order.
  • From the FTC case you have selected, analyze the key elements of the case, including the deceptive practice in which the company was engaged, the final decision, and the penalty assessed against the company.
  • Generate at least two (2) recommendations for how the company involved in the case could have avoided deceptive advertising, including safeguards that should have been in place to prevent the deceptive advertising in question.



RE: Week 9 Discussion


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Hello Professor and Class,

-From the FTC cases that I have selected, consumers were misled by deceptive ads for the sprinkle-on weight loss supplement. Not having a reliable scientific source to support the claims of loss in weight. With recent claims not being true, to a degree of truth that some products could even hurt your heath.

-Claiming that a “few sprinkles on your food, would make users feel full faster, so they eat less and loss weight without changing their diet and exercise.”

-The final decision and penalty assessed against the company is that refund checks have been issues to dozens of consumers who bought Sensa Weight-loss supplement. With having to fork over a major $26 million dollars, to 477,083 unsatisfied consumers.

“Under the order, the defendants are barred from making weight-loss claims about dietary supplements, foods, or drugs, unless they have two adequate and well-controlled human clinical studies supporting the claims; making any other health-related claim unless it is supported by competent and reliable scientific tests, analyses, research, or studies; and misrepresenting any scientific evidence”

-My recommendations for the Sensa Company would be to have come with a meal plan for different consumers based off of a questioner included.

-Second recommendation for Sensa Company would to give a health coach within the consumer’s area. Since they are already being charged for the product, a portion of the fees should have been able to establish a membership or group gathering with weekly workout regimens.

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