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Please Rewrite – This article below needs to be rewritten in your own words.

This article below needs to be rewritten in your own words.

MT1 Strategic leadership

This was definitely a very informative chapter on what it takes to be a leader and the various roles required by a leader. As we learned, the leader can take on interpersonal roles, informational roles, and decisional roles (Carpenter & Sanders, 2008). A good leader should have excellent communication skills, which is used to engage employees. He should also have delegation skills that allow him to assign tasks to employees. The last point cannot be minimized because being able to trust your team is critical to the success of an organization. Finally, I learned that being a leader is a learning process which was exemplified by the Level 5 Hierarchy. We should all aim to reach level 5. The Level 5 Executive (the highest level) consist of leaders who not only express an unwavering resolve, or professional will to achieve a higher goal but demonstrate a surprising degree of professional modesty (Carpenter & Sanders, 2008). This will go a long way in allowing one to believe in their executive team.

MT2 Vision, Mission, Values, Strategy, and Strategic Purpose and Coherence

I was able to supplement previous knowledge concerning visions and missions. Vision and mission statements are not a substitute for the company’s strategy. While vision and mission give a bigger picture of the company, a strategy is a step by step plan of how the company will achieve its goal and reach its vision. The company uses the mission and vision to come up with a strategic objective. Goals and objectives are used as specific qualitative and quantitative marks to directing strategic actions, thus goals and objectives serve an important role (Carpenter & Sanders, 2008). This also relates to strategic coherence. An organization achieves strategic coherence through laying down achievable goals and having well-defined objectives (Wolf & Floyd, 2017).

MT3 Stakeholders, ethics and biases

This discussion taught me the value of stakeholders. Stakeholders are individuals or groups who have an interest in an organization’s ability to deliver intended results and maintain viability of its products and services. A company should identify all its stakeholders as they are critical determinants of its success. This is not a simple task. In order to facilitate the process, you should break people into 4 categories which include organizational, capital market, product market, and social (Carpenter & Sanders, 2008). I also learned that this actually contributes to organizations being vulnerable to ethics violations. Organizations are vulnerable to ethical violations, because they have a wide array of stakeholders that they have to serve through decisions that could be unethical. Carpenter and Sanders (2008) give insight into this topic, “companies are often vulnerable because of organization-level conditions.” Meaning in certain circumstances that executives often have to find ways to make the company profitable for stakeholders, which can then lead to making unethical decisions that affect the company in its entirety (Storm-Larsen, 2018).


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