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Complete 2.5 Biblical Assignment



  1. Paragraph: Write a 1/2 to 1 page characterization paragraph focusing on the character of Young Goodman Brown and drawing on the materials you produced for Dropbox 1.5. Use the instructions below to help you construct this paragraph.
  2. Thesis Revision:
    1. Carefully review the feedback your instructor has given you on your “Young Goodman Brown” thesis from Dropbox 1.5 and carefully revise your thesis in response to your instructor’s feedback. (CREATE A NEW THESIS WITH A UNIVERSAL THEME BECAUSE I FAILED THIS ASSIGNMENT)
    2. When you are finished with these revisions, make sure you perform the following analysis on your thesis, correcting any problems you discover:
      1. Inclusive: check to make sure you have included all elements required of a thesis for this course: author, title, method (characterization) and universal message (topic + attitude). (A good method is to force yourself to actually bold each of these elements to make sure you aren’t missing any.)
      2. Exclusive:
        1. Make sure you aren’t throwing in anything that is not explicitly required by the assignment. For example, make sure you haven’t included plot summary in your thesis. (If you bolded everything for #i above and found large portions of your thesis unbolded when you were finished, that is a good sign that you might have an exclusive problem.)
        2. For this paragraph, you will also need to support the claim made in your thesis statement about the theme by using analyzing the author’s characterization of Brown. You will be limited in the quotations you can choose to only those which characterize Brown. (Almost every sentence in the story does in some way characterize Brown, but check to make sure.)
      3. Specific: check to make sure that the theme you identify is as specific as you can make it.
  3. Topic Sentence: Use the thesis you have just revised as the first sentence or Topic Sentence for your paragraph.
  4. Support Quotations: You will likely be able to use some of the same quotations you included in Dropbox 1.5. However, you may not need to use all those quotations, and you may need to find some additional quotations because you will need to make sure you have a quotation to prove the theme in your thesis.
  5. Structural Outline: Use the outline and principles in the Characterization Paragraph Structural Outline (under Resources) as a guide for your paragraph.
  6. Writing Process: Take time to do multiple drafts of this paragraph, using the structural outline both as a guide for your first draft and a checklist for your final revision. Try to schedule your time so that you have time to let your paragraph rest a full day in between drafts.

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