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Unit 2 discussion

Identifying the problem may be the most important step in the research and problem-solving process. If there is not a clear problem, we cannot take the steps to identify why the problem exists, the ways it may be able to be fixed, or investigate strategies to improve the state of the organization. Problem identification provides purpose and direction to our leadership efforts.

Please watch the video below on “What is a Problem Statement”.

For this discussion, you will watch the three videos below, select ONE video, and use the selected clip to identify an issue, problem, or concern and create a problem statement (note: each video has more than one issue, problem, or concern included so you can look for an aspect that interests you).

Your Problem Statement MUST include the following:

  • Current Issue/Problem/Concern
  • Consequences of current issue/problem/concern
  • Background on the issue
  • The cost to the business
  • Clear and Accurate data on the size and severity of the condition.

(Note: Since these are real issues in healthcare however NOT real environments, you will need to do a bit of research to estimate the cost to business and the size and severity of the condition)

Prior to posting ensure:

  • Your stakeholders should not be left in doubt that this problem exists and needs to be addressed
  • Your problem statement does NOT suggest a solution, root cause or an attempt to sway your audience. (Just the facts!)

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