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Discussion Board Questions.(Public Health Implications of Disasters)

Week 2 – Introduction to public Health

– Objectives

1. Understand the roles and responsibilities of public health professionals and public health departments at the local, regional, state and national levels relative to emergency and disaster management.
2. Discuss barriers to personal preparedness for disasters and sociocultural reasons why they might exist.
3. Describe common misconceptions about public health issues in the disaster setting.

– Reading

1. Erik Noji. Public Health Issues in Disasters.Noji public health issues in disasters.pdf

2. James Blessman et al. Barriers to At-Home-Preparedness in Public Health Employees: Implications for Disaster Preparedness Training. At home preparedness.pdf

– Discussion Questions:

1. Read the article and complete the survey instrument which Dr. Blessman and colleagues administered to employees of a local health department prior to a training event (last two pages of the Blessman article linked above). Most of you will walk away from this exercise dismayed that you have not performed better. That’s part of the solution to the problem–enlightenment. Briefly discuss how you did on the survey, why you think you performed well or poorly, and what you think you can and will do to improve. There is no correct answer here, but the results will generate their own discussion.

2. Read the Noji article on public health and disasters. Do the myths that he puts forth apply to regional disasters in the United States or other developed countries or only national-level disasters in third world countries? Support your opinions with some examples from history. Include references.

– APA Style.

– Kindly, answer all questions clearly and completely.

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