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Discussion in Diversity

People who are left handed can have trouble signing credit card reader screens. The pen-tether is frequently too short to reach around to the left hand side of the screen. While the majority of American’s are right handed, to the 10% who are left handed, this can cause difficulty performing the simple task of paying with a credit card.

Have you ever found yourself wondering why a product is awkward to use? Have you ever thought “someone like me wasn’t involved in designing this product”?

Read this article about Why Diversity Build Better Products…

Watch this video about the Need for Universal Design:

Read 2 of the articles below and then complete the discussion board assignment.

Diverse and Inclusive Team of Engineers Drive Innovation

When Bias in Product Design Means Life or Death

Diverse Thinking: The Five People You Need on Your Product Development Team

Why Diverse Teams are Smarter


a) Summarizes what you learned from the articles and the video by discussing the themes present across the articles and video. Use specific examples from the articles and video.

b) Describes a product that you interact with frequently which would have benefited from a more diverse design team. What are the problems you find with the product? How would it look or operate differently if a more diverse design team was involved?

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