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Chapter 4 describes children in Erikson’s initiative versus guilt stage as interested in learning about the world, mastering new skills, and making new friends (Wardle, 2013, p. 80). Reflecting on this, describe in-depth how you can encourage support of these stages in your future role in the early childcare classroom, outdoor environment, and home environment.

For this discussion, your post can be a written narrative addressing the required components, or you can use the template below to organize your ideas.

TURNITIN Score must be at or below 20%…as I will be checking on my end. Thanks

APA in text citation by pharaphrasing and citing.

This is a discussion post. No NEED FOR TITLE PAGE


Collaboration with families and communities:

  1. Chapter 3: Developing Autonomy
  2. Chapter 4: Supporting Initiative in Children

Grossman, S. (2008). Offering children choices: Encouraging autonomy and learning while minimizing conflicts. The Professional Resource for Teachers and Parents. Retrieved from…

    • This article presents a scenario and offers insight on how to encourage children to develop autonomy in the classroom.

    a Place of our own. (2007). Topics (Links to an external site.). Retrieved from

      • This website offers a variety of resources and support for early childhood caregivers and parents to help children acquire cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills, as well as nurture language and literacy development.

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