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FINANCE: Investment Risk in Pakistan

Hi, in this assignment you will write about the Investment Risk in Pakistan in General, and Oil and Mining in Specific.

the resources for writing in BELOW, so you don’t need to use any other source. this assignment will include the following.

1- write about the country (introduction, demographics, government, economy, and energy). 1 to 1.5 Page

2- Write about the Oil and Mining business in Pakistan and what is the investment risk in this sector. You need to answer logical questions, FOR EXAMPLE, what is the demonstrating company? Is the government taking this business? How is the government dealing with the investment? Are they allowing Oil investment?……etc. In General, you will assess the business environment of the project. In other words, you will include a comprehensive relevant country risk assessment of the country as it relates to the industry (oil and mining) and project. 2 to 2.5 Page

3- Recommendation for general investment in Pakistan and for Oil and Mining Investment. 1 page (FULL PAGE)’s-message-to-foreign-investors


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