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Health Advocacy Letter to an Elected Official (one page)

1.Obtain the name of your U.S. representative, senator, governor, state, or local representative and write a letter to one of them addressing either a particular public health legislative priority for your particular town, city, or state, or one of the Healthy People 2020 health objectives… that interests you and you would like for them to support.

2.You can look up your local government officials at state legislators at; your US Senator at; your Representative at your governor at

3. Hint: if you are wondering about public health priorities where you live, you could search for the state affiliate of the American Public Health Association to see if they have produced a list of priorities similar to what was shared about Maryland’s public health priorities: prescription drug affordability, lowering blood lead action levels for kids, increasing the sale of age for tobacco products.)

Follow tips from the guest lecture on advocacy:

  1. Keep it brief (not to exceed one page)
  2. State who you are and what you want up front
  3. Hit your three most important points
  4. Personalize your letter and relationship with the health concern and/or relationship to the official
  5. You are the expert (after all, you are almost finished a semester of “Introduction to Public Health”!)
  6. End with a short but powerful ending that summarizes the need for addressing the health issue
  7. Thank the official for his/her time and interest in the matter

City Name: washington DC,

Topic: medicare.

Personal experience: I had a small wound on my head and went to the emergency room of the hospital. Then I bought the insurance at school and let me pay $6,000. I finally agreed to help me by calling the insurance company several times. Pay a part of the cost.

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