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TCA homework

Each student is required to read a current affairs article dealing with some fact of travel and tourism. The article may be found in magazines, newspapers, or on the internet. The article is to be current, that is, within a week of the assigned submission date. Your synopsis of the article should be approximately 100 words and should be posted in the space provided on the assignment page. You will be required to share a synopsis of your selected article with the class on the discussion board. Each student is, therefore, required to post on the discussion page AND on the assignment page. Class members are required to respond to at least one posted article per week as a threaded discussion on the discussion page.

and this is the other student’s update that i need to respond.

Current Tourism Trends


In this article, a reporter discusses how American tourism has been affected by the Trump Presidency through new data from the National Travel and Tourism Office. Proposed travel bans and anti-immigration language have negatively affected the attraction that foreign tourists have. In addition, the heightened security measures have made it difficult for tourists to travel easily. Soon, the U.S. Travel Association plans to launch a new tourism campaign to encourage Washington to take the travel industry as a vital economic source. Although, the tourism industry is in a bit of a decline, one source was optimistic that the trend will turn around.

so help me to write 100 words and respond this.

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