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Week 3 Assignment “DIVERSITY”

This is a Human Resource Management Instructions: See Down below:

APA Format: Due September 8, 2019

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Week 3 Assignment Instructions: Diversity One of the most powerful tools for diversity management is an effective diversity training program. Your textbook, however, provides no guidance on creating such programs. This assignment will allow you to explore the elements of such programs, and why they too often fail.

1) Read the following resources on workplace diversity training programs:  SHRM – How to Develop a Diversity + Inclusion Initiative (see article PDF attached to this Blackboard assignment module page)  Big Think Edge – 3 Ways to Introduce Diversity Training Programs to Your Organization…  Dobbin, F., & Kalev, A., Harvard Business Review – Why Diversity Programs Fail… 2) Think about what type of organization you might hope to work for after graduation. 3) Imagine your new boss has asked you to help design a diversity training program.

PREPARE YOUR DOCUMENT Recommend to your boss what should be included in designing a diversity training program. Be sure to address:  What elements would you include in the program, and why?  What would you do to help prevent your program from failing?

A quality response should be approximately 500 words

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