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Write 8 pages for 4 movies ,2 pages for each movie: one is reflection and the other is response paper

hi buddy so this Homework is related to the first Homework that was about movies but with different topics and movies but the instructions are the same

the title of unit 2 is International Relations & Film

so for now you just have to watch the movies because I have to wait for specific questions posed by the professor and readings assigned by the professor and take some notes about the topics that are written with every movie below.

Unit II: International Relations & Film

1- Foreign Intervention War/Vietnam – “The Fog of War” * and/or “Path to War”

2- Foreign Intervention Covert – “Kite Runner” * and/or “Charlie Wilson’s War”

3- Foreign Intervention Humanitarian – “Black Hawk Dawn”*

4- Authoritarianism and Democracy – “Last King of Scotland”*

so what you will do is to do one page is Reflections paper

and the other page is Response paper

  • Movie Reflections/Response Papers

For each movie that you watch (at least 4 per unit), you will need to type up a two-page (no shorter, no longer) paper that accomplishes the following:

  • Answers any specific questions posed by the professor
  • Connect to any readings assigned by the professor
  • Reflects broadly on what you learned about in the movie (politics)
  • Pose any lingering questions you have about the movie and its politics
  • Do follow up reading/research on the topic presented in the movie (should be about a page)

These papers are not summaries of the movie, but they are designed to provide evidence that you really watched them and thought about what you were watching. In your reflection you should show your critical thinking, as well as research and writing skills. These are not book reports, they should be college level work.

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