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Write at least ten key learning points from the readings. (Organizational Management & Communication in Disasters)

Week 2 : Systems theory and systems thinking for Disaster Management

The week, Dr. Larry Starr’s discussion and the material addressing “Wicked Problems” will continue to illustrate the environment that surrounds disaster management teams. Read and digest these activities, and consider what you would imagine as the perfect team for managing disaster planning, response, and recovery.


Attached Files:

  • the stages of idealized design.pdf (111.26 KB)

Please view this 29 minute video to introduce Systems Thinking:

Please read the systems thinking and wicked problems readings in preparation for listening to the recording with Dr Starr.

Systems Thinking Ch 9.pdf

wicked problems.pdf

Then listen to the chat with Dr Starr after you read the articles listed in the readings section.

Handouts to support Dr Starr’s discussions

Starr Fall 2016 1

Starr Fall 2016 3: Problem Solving

Philadelphia University (our origin) was heavily into ‘Design Thinking’. Read over this website and extract a meaningful finding for Disaster Management.…

Discussion Question:

– Write at least ten key learning points from the readings.

– APA Style.

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