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case study on vouch and trace. how does the assessment of control risk impact the extent of auditor’s substantive test of transactions

Case 2 – Vouch and Trace

Attached Files:

  • File Vouch and Trace – students.pdf(2.93 MB)

Answer #1-4. Note that there is an audit program template provided on Blackboard if needed.

Rather than using, which is not longer a working website, Dr. Tad Miller (one of the authors) has graciously allowed us to use his materials. See the link below to get applicable materials and information for the case. (I tried the link myself and as of 7 p.m. on 10/8, it works fine).… use the link on the left column “vouch or trace project” to get sales journal, price list, etc…

#5: Propose an adjusting entry solely based on your findings in your sample (don’t worry about extrapolating).

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