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Discussion Bored Questions

COURSE NAME: International and Humanitarian Disaster Management

Week 11 – Security Issues, Human Rights, Humanitarian Protection

This week we will be discussing security issues. Unfortunately, this topic has become necessary as the world continues to evolve or devolve. Given that a majority international and humanitarian disasters are increasingly caused by conflict the need for security becomes paramount. In years past, the response/humanitarian communities were afforded some degree of security, but this is increasingly no longer the case. A simple Google search will provide an abundance of examples of response/humanitarian personnel being injured, kidnapped or worse.

As you work through your posts this week take the time to think and investigate the issues surrounding putting response personnel in harms way and what impacts that has to the overall effort. Ask yourself is the risk worth outcome and is there a time that aid should not be provided because of the security risks.


Peace Corps safety:

DBQ 11

1. What role does security play during post-disaster or humanitarian responses?

2. How is the response/recovery impacted by security concerns?

-APA Style

– Kindly, answer discussion questions clearly and completely.

– Use your thoughts on answer.

– It is not enough to simply quote others work. I am interested in reading your thoughts on the topic.

– 3 references at least.

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