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Hazardous Materials Management System – Case Study

1. Develop a case study using the Eight step process and NFPA 7.2 as guides. Break out in groups of 4 (I will create groups in week 1), starting at incident initiation and ending with incident termination. Discuss as a group the occupational, environmental, and public health implications and concerns along the journey. In addition, compare and contrast these stages against one another….

What I am seeking is thought process along this journey.

Do the response personnel have more challenging issues compared to EMS personnel or hospital personnel?

Is the risk for the response personnel greater than that of the community, why or how? Do we have “defined” knowns for arriving firefighting companies and emergency personnel?

2. Setup a command structure within your group to determine how to formulate a personnel and resource framework to address the incident.

3. This incident involves Ethylene Oxide – substitute Chlorine as the substance and compare and contrast the differences with occupational, environmental, and public health impacts to responders, the community, and any water/air/land issues.

Week 2: EtO Case Study

Attached Files:

  • Tornado Ethylene Oxide Rail Car.wmv (9.586 MB)

1. Case Study: Use the Eight Step Process and NFPA 7.2 as guides to create a skeleton structure for the study. Within these elements discuss response personnel health and safety issues, environmental impact, and potential public health implications.

2. Respond to the following: What defines the uniqueness of a hazardous material incident? Is it that much different from any other “incident” which confronts the public safety department of a municipality?

3. Complete reading Noll chapters 1 through 5

4. Complete reading Bevelacqua chapters 1 and 2

5. Research 29 CFR 1910.120 – list the purpose, use, and goal of the standard. Also how does this standard affect you in your normal position (if at all).

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