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Major Assignment Revision

1. Citing the Bible

In the essay itself:

  • The word Bible and individual books of the Bible are NOT underlined, italicized, or put into quotation marks.

In-text citations:

  • You may choose to abbreviate the books in your in-text citations.
    • Daniel = Dan.
    • Revelation = Rev.
  • Cite quotes by chapter and verse, separated by a period, like this: (Dan. 4.10) or (Rev. 16.9)
    • (The older convention was to use a colon (Dan. 4:10), but please use a period so that we can all be up-to-date in our citation practices.)
    • You must always include the name of the book in the citation–do NOT leave out the name of the book, like this (4.10).

On your Works Cited page:

Here is the citation for our assigned edition (you don’t need to include the name of the book you’re analyzing):

The Oxford Study Bible: Revised English Bible with the Apocrypha, edited by M. Jack Suggs, Katharine Doob Sakenfeld, and James R. Mueller, Oxford University Press, 1992.

  • Published editions of the Bible are italicized.
  • ‘And yes, please include an annotation for this source as well!

2. MLA CItation

Here are some general notes on formatting your Works Cited page:

  • First, make sure you refer to AGWR Ch. 3 (p. 50-52) for specific guidelines on how to format your works cited page. There’s info here on hanging indent, how to order your sources, etc.
  • Second, please refer to the MLA style guide hosted by UNC Chapel Hill: (Links to an external site.). Clear instructions on how to present the required citation information.
  • Third, don’t forget to include your annotations in your works cited page. Instructions for source annotations are posted in the Rhetorical Analysis Essay prompt page.

Now, more specific instructions, based on what I’ve seen in your Draft #3 citations:

  • Place annotations underneath each citation. For example: citation, then its annotation, then next citation, then its annotation, etc.
  • Double space everything on the Works Cited page, like the rest of the final draft.
  • Cite specific chapters and sections, so that it’s clear which specific sources you’re using. It doesn’t make sense to cite Cambridge Companion to the Bible two or three times without information that specifies which sections you consulted.
  • Speaking of Cambridge Companion to the Bible, here’s the author information!
    • All sections under Part 1 “World of the Hebrew Bible” are by Eric M. Meyers and John Rogerson
    • All sections under Part 2 “Jewish Responses to Greek and Roman Culture” are by Anthony J. Saldarini and Amy-Jill Levine.
    • All sections under Part 3 “Formation of Christian Communities” are by Howard Clark Kee
    • For section titles, cite the specific section, not the big parts listed above; for example, “The World of Apocalyptic” and “The Jewish World After the Fall of Jerusalem”
  • The Oxford Handbook of Apocalyptic Literature is edited by John J. Collins.

Sample citations:

Saldarini, Anthony J. and Amy-Jill Levine. “The Jewish World After the Fall of Jerusalem.” The Cambridge Companion to the Bible, Cambridge University Press, 2007, pp. 443-473.

Friesen, Steven J. “Apocalypse and Empire.” The Oxford Handbook of Apocalyptic Literature, edited by John J. Collins, Oxford University Press, 2014, pp. 163-179.

3. Thesis Statement and drafting (see file P1-P3)!!!!

The thesis statement must be clear and argumentative!!!!

4. Academic Title

Example: Conniving a christian:

prophecies in Revelation vilify Roma and propagandize Christians

The seduction of sin: the terror of/how female sexuality in Revelation instills(audience) fear

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