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response to classmates posts

I want a simple response for each question with APA references ( the response no more than 250 words)

subject 1

1- Read the Noji article on public health and disasters. Do the myths that he puts forth apply to regional disasters in the United States or other developed countries or only national-level disasters in third world countries? Support your opinions with some examples from history. Include references.

I think the myths he puts can apply to regional disaster in the United State and also other countries.

In the myth regarding epidemics are inevitable after every disaster, there is a misunderstanding about the potential for communicable diseases after the disaster with belief that epidemics are inevitable. However, the primary driver of diseases spread after disasters is population displacement and crowding and its interplay with endemic disease and with a breakdown in infrastructure. The factors that contribute to disease transmission after disasters are environmental considerations, endemic organisms, population characteristics and crowding, the pre-event structure and type of public health systems and facilities and levels of immunization, and the magnitude of the disaster itself. For instance, the floods in Nepal in 1973 and in Sudan in 1988 displaced a lot of people. Hurricane Katrina resulted in mass displacement and temporary crowded shelter conditions for victims. Refugees living in crowded, temporary settings, of whom there may currently be over 50 million worldwide, are subject to explosive outbreaks of communicable disease of low endemicity, such as malaria, schistosomiasis, and leishmaniasis.

In case of disasters are random killers, the reality is a disaster effect more vulnerable population such as women, low incomes population, children, elderly and disabled people. For instance, Hurricane Katrina felt by the entire communities, 29% of the community having incomes below the poverty line and 27% of New Orleans household were without privately owned transportation.

James Blessman et al. Barriers to At-Home-Preparedness in Public Health Employees: Implications for Disaster Preparedness Training. At home preparedness.pdf

Read the article and complete the survey instrument which Dr. Blessman and colleagues administered to employees of a local health department prior to a training event (last two pages of the Blessman article linked above). Most of you will walk away from this exercise dismayed that you have not performed better. That’s part of the solution to the problem–enlightenment. Briefly discuss how you did on the survey, why you think you performed well or poorly, and what you think you can and will do to improve. There is no correct answer here, but the results will generate their own discussion.

2- The answers to the survey questions showed that despite the high-level concern that disasters such terrorism, biological attack, and power outages can occur in my community, we need to improve our level of preparedness as a family. In spite of having an Emergency Supply kit, fire escape plan, emergency water storage cans, and food items, we lack a Family Emergency Communication Plan and designated meeting point outside the home or community. It is an important area of the emergency preparedness that we need to improve because the impact of the incident could be the destruction of our home thereby making some elements of our plan ineffective. Therefore, the lesson derived from my performance in this exercise is to review our family disaster management plan regularly and ensure that all adult member of the household understands what to do and the essential items that are needed to perform them effectively, especially the teenagers in the home.

subject 2

1- Having read the Commission report, describe the unique aspects that must be considered when doing emergency planning and response for children.

After reading the Commission report, I would suggest some considerations that have to be done when there is a strategy for disaster response for children regarding mental health issues aftermath of disaster and how this strategy will be integrated into the response. In fact, mental health team have to be on scene once the traumatic victims have taking car e of them. Along with that, mental health workers will focus on children who were there during the disaster. An example of children mental health issue was after Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting of 2012, children were suffering from lack of concentration, poor academic performance, difficulty sleep, social withdrawal among others and Fear.

2-After reading the commission report on children in disasters, choose the most difficult topic to solve and identify why.

Disaster can affect children differently than an adult because they have unique needs during the disaster and after. After reading the commission report on children in disaster I think each topic is difficult in some different way. However, Emergency Medical Services and Pediatric Transport is difficult to solve for several reasons, during disaster children may not be able to explain what hurts them what makes it difficult for responder to understand what is the issue, they usually depend on their parents or caregiver what makes it difficult for the responder to understand them, they need special resources and equipment when providing the care for them and during the transportation, children are not the same they differ in size even if they are in the same ages, there is a lack of training and understanding from an emergency medical responder in how to deal with the children.

subject two resource

National Commission on Children and Disasters. (2010). Retrieved from

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