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revise the Annotated Bib

Annotated Bib

Find a minimum of 5 articles or other sources that you might use to understand the historical and cultural impact of your product/brand. At least 2 sources have to be scholarly. You may not use blogs, Wikipedia, or other poor quality online sources. Use APA citation style. Annotate each entry with a short (1-3 sentence) summary of what is contained in the source.

Baxter, Emma- Wright. (2013). The Little book of Chanel. London, United Kingdom. Carlton Books Ltd.

Britannica, T. E. (2019, January 06). Coco Chanel. Retrieved from

Chaney, Lisa. (2011). COCO CHANEL. London, England. Viking Penguin

Karbo, Karen. (2009). The Gospel According to COCO CHANEL. Guilford, CT, USA. Morris publishing group.

Linda Simon. (2011). Coco Chanel. London, United Kingdom. Reaktion books Ltd.

Item 1, issue with title capitalization and the citation of author (-1); Item 2: ok. Item 3: issue with author citation and capitalization of title. incomplete citation information of the book (-1.5); Item 4: same issue with title and author (-1). item 5: Same issue with title and author (-1).

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