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Sabre Helps Its Clients through Dashboards and Analytics

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The traditional reporting process is a labor-intensive process in gathering and combining financial and other information. The company has been using this process which is time-consuming in obtaining various information for making efficient decisions and few in using old-style reporting. But, the presentation and resulting maybe smooth, slow-developing, or tough in applying in precise situations.

Analytics will allow real-time efficient decisions supporting and delivering information to the operator-friendly dashboard. Operators of a dashboard like one search provider by Sabre’s enterprise travel data warehousing that will be using Teradata which can be viewed from 360° in the organization’s overall well-being that is generated from different sources of data (Romolini, 2017). Various stockholders in the company will request information that is needed for precise decision-making types, and the graphical user interface that will make the information to effortlessly understand. An Intensive range of data analytics tools that are easily available to the organization but the company will have limited resources and a quick choice to acquire those costly tools and applications or knowledge of humans which will not ensure success. Like any other traditional analysis tools, the tools of data analytics and system have to be organized efficiently to start and grow the wanted revenues. Defectiveness of the stalls will wholly depend on how they fit the problems on a precise domain or area specifically and how it is empowered to the organization to address most of the persistent challenges (Romolini, 2017).

When an organization integrates the communication and the drill-down abilities, the operators have to select the information that I needed to evaluate a precise kind of performance to make decisions in the precise function or a situation. For instance, the airlines that are used by Subre System have to majorly focus on the data on the performance of sales like tickets, seats which are sold. And operative Performances like the moment of light and inventory material (Romolini, 2017). So this flexibility can inspire the decision-maker in using the information and data in the provision of making their efficient decisions. It is a basic feature of reporting in the enterprise level and business intelligence applications that will provide end-user with the capacity to have different manipulators on a report like drilling in different data levels, to filter and sorting.

So I conclude by stating that traditional reporting procedure is manual work in collecting and arrogating financial information to have data in making efficient decisions while some organization has been following traditional reporting. Analytics have been enabled in supporting real-time decisions and delivering information is that are user-friendly. So the major system incorporates their fish and capabilities and selects the data which are needed to evaluate precise performance kind and decision making in our function in our situation that will encourage the makers of the decision in using the data to support their decision.


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2. between 150 – 250 words

Sabre Helps Its Clients through Dashboards and Analytics

Traditional reporting refers to the manual process where financial information is collected and then combined altogether (Brock, 2017). As well, other information is collected and then combined. The combination also includes manual calculations in the aggregation process. It is important to note that the process is manually done. Traditional reporting was used in the past by most if not all organizations. In addition, there are other organizations that still use this practice. The practice is generally slow and ineffective (Brock, 2017). It takes a lot of time to manually analyze and cone up with a report. In addition, it is difficult to produce quality results. It was used to come up with results that facilitated decision making. It was also used in forecasting using the acquired results.

Analytics can be used to transform traditional reporting (Brock, 2017). It is worth mentioning that analytics are real-time. As well, the dashboard used is user-friendly and easy to use. As such, the user can be able to see from a very good perspective and view of the general organizational performance. The information provided in this case is integrated from diverse sources. In addition, this information is quality unlike traditional reporting which is often shallow. Therefore, it offers very good insight when it comes to decision making and forecasting (Beek, 2013). Data can be produced for the stakeholders and later used in other forms such as graphical interpretation during the analysis and interpretation.

Interactive reporting can be very useful in decision making in the organization. When interactive reporting is implemented, users can easily evaluate a specific type of performance in the organization (Izenda Editorial Staff, 2018). In addition, they can major down to the subsection in the performance. For instance, Sabre systems can narrow down to sales performance. In the sales performance, the focus can be given to specify how the tickets are being sold and the results. This ability to focus on a given performance enables the organization to come up with strong and supported decisions during decision making.


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