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2-3 page assignment

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Answer the below question:

  1. Find the definition of domestic violence. List and show URL where found.
  2. Name types of domestic violence victims by relationship to the suspect.
  3. What is the California penal code section and definition of domestic violence?
  4. List 4 studies of the effects of children witnessing domestic violence (include URL).
  5. How does the FBI UCR document domestic violence crimes?
  6. List 5 studies since 2014 on effective domestic violence prevention programs (include date and URL).
  7. Did the Minneapolis study show that mandatory arrests deterred domestic violence?
  8. What were two main reasons why the Minneapolis study was criticized?
  9. Approximately how many police departments said their policies regarding domestic violence were impacted by the study?
  10. What approximate percentage of American women are victims of domestic violence? (Include Year and URL).

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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