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Complete English Discussion (VENUS)

Academic Argument Models


  • Choose one of the following sample argument essays written by past EN 104 students:
    • Academic Argument – Mandating CPR AED TrainingPreview the document [Word document]
    • Academic Argument – Rear-facing Car SeatsPreview the document [Word document]
    • Academic Argument – WelfarePreview the document [Word document]
  • For your initial post Analyze the essay by answering five of the following questions:
  1. A strong introduction gets the reader’s attention and states the thesis. How effective is the introduction in the essay? Explain.
  2. Background information sets up the argument so the reader and writer both have a similar understanding of the topic. Background information can include definitions, history, explaining the significance of the topic, or addressing underlying assumptions. Which type of background information was included in the essay? How effective was the background information in the essay? Explain.
  3. The main points in a classical argument should all support the thesis statement, and evidence should support each main point. Were the main points and evidence strong enough to make a convincing argument in the essay? Explain.
  4. In a classical argument, the author identifies and refutes opposing views. Did the essay effectively consider and respond to counterarguments?
  5. In an academic argument essay, the style and tone is more formal than personal writing but still clear and readable for a general audience. Find an example in the essay of a strong academic style or tone. Copy and paste the example here and explain why you think this a good example of academic tone.
  6. Strong arguments use ethos (credibility), logos (logic), and pathos (emotion) to persuade the reader. How effectively did the essay establish ethos, logos, and pathos?
  7. Respond to the author of the essay. Do you agree or disagree with his or her argument? Give specific examples from the essay that were particularly convincing or unconvincing.
  8. What can you learn from analyzing the model essay? What will you do in your argument essay that the author of the model essay did?

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

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