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Fusion Centers

This week we explored how local law enforcement agencies with the help of the federal government created a network of databases called fusion centers, after 9/11. Fusion centers were used to gather information and prevent future acts of terrorism in the United States. Ultimately, fusion centers are a way to share suspicious activities across the nation and alert local authorities before an attack happens.

Use the information learned in this week’s reading along with the additional reading material (below) to complete this week’s assignment.

Additional reading from EBSCOhost

Johnson, B. R. (2011). United we stand. Urgent Communications, 29(10), 16-21. Retrieved from…


The link below is an online booklet that will help with your week three assignment

Preparing Your Home, Family, and Business for Terrorist Attacks


You are a sergeant with the New York Police Department and have been assigned to work at the local fusion center. While working in the fusion center, a police officer calls in with information from a reliable Confidential Informant (C.I.). The C.I. told the officer that there might be a possible domestic terror attack at the Outdoor Fun-in-the-Sun Concert being held in a couple of months in West Palm Beach, Florida. The C.I. also said the perpetrators talked about placing bombs in strategic areas around the stage and on boats in the nearby water.

Do not panic; there is a couple of months before the planned attack, which gives you time to prepare a PowerPoint presentation.


In a Voice Over – PowerPoint – with a minimum of 5-informational slides, along with a title slide and reference slide. All informational slides should contain a minimum of 100 words, the fourth slide will be a Public Service Announcement, which addresses the community, and the first slide is the title slide; the last slide will contain your references.

The five informational slides should meet the 500 minimum word count (the title and reference slides do not go toward your word count). Your voice over should give the presentation but not just read the slides – remember the slides are just an overview for your audience. The presentation should address the different agencies (e.g., first-responders and others entities that you plan on warning about the possible attack). It is advised to use the free program Screencast-o-Matic to create your screencast recording.

In your PowerPoint

Explain how you learned of the possible attack.

Address the specific entities that you will notify of the possible attack, for example, firefighters, utility companies, event personnel, local law enforcement, and others (and what their role is during this event).

Recognize what you precautions could be taken to identify and prevent the attack.

Public Service Announcement – Determine what preparedness measures could be made to minimize casualties if the bombs were to discharge; keep in mind, you are addressing the community where people live, work, and go to school – be cautious to alert but not alarm the citizens and encourage people to attend the event because tourism is a large

part of this community’s livelihood.

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