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Data Exploration and Analysis

READ THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THEIR ENTIRETY. PLEASE DO NOT SKIM. Ensure all is in APA format and references are cited.

There are many resources available on the Internet that contain free data resources. In this two part assignment, you will have the opportunity to explore the Internet for free data resources and to analyze how the data can be potentially utilized.

Include your input into a 2 – 3 page Word document.

Part I: Resource Search (see example below)

  • Search the Internet for, a minimum of three, free data sources.
  • List the URLs for three publicly available free data sources.
  • Select one of the free data sources to identify two business opportunities that would benefit from the further analysis of the data.

Part II: Resource Analysis

  • How do see yourself or another person being able to use this information to their advantage?
  • What additional data would be good to consider with the data you found?
  • What steps did or would you take to locate additional data?
  • Share your reaction to the amount of data available.

– ——————————————————————————————-
Part I: Exercise Example for a student completing this exercise:

Free data resources found:

The Office of Justice Program website contains the Arrest Data Analysis Tool which utilizes data collected by the Federal Bureau of Investigation through its Uniform Crime Reporting Program. Two business opportunities that would benefit from the further analysis of data would be:

  • A security firm considering expanding their business into the southern region of the United States.
  • A non-profit organization looking to create programming looking to launch an art program in high risk communities for teenagers.

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