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Discussion 9: Installation/Performance/Traditional Art

This past week we’ve covered a variety of works in performance and installation art, thinking in particular about how these forms of art differ from traditional art forms like painting, sculpture, literature, cinema, etc. etc.

For this post, describe how a performance or installation work we’ve studied in class is different from one of the other works of painting or literature (or architecture) we’ve studied. Try to use particular details from each in describing how the relation between audience and art work is different in each medium.

Kurt Schwitters – Merzbau

kurt schwitters merzbau 01 0

Allan Kaprow – Yard, Fluids, and Scales

13john 650

METALOCUS Fluids Kaprow 10 1280 0


Yayoi Kusama – The Infinity Mirror Room and The Obliteration Room

yayoi kusama at cleveland museum of art 51587062a6f2088c


James Turrell light installations (Virtuality Squared is in the image below)

20141210nga2383 0003

Kara Walker silhouette works (Slaughter of the Innocents (They Might be Guilty of Something) is in the image below)

Ward 1

Emmanuelle Moureaux – Forest of Numbers

Rebecca Louise Law – floral installations

Saburo Murakami – Passing Through


Marina Abramovic – Rhythm 0, Relation Works, The Lovers

18b896614d58c9e3c6901ad7ce9cc2c5 large.jpg

Abram Ulay Relation

carre original large

Marina Abramovic The Lovers The Great Wall Walk 4

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