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Incivility in the Workplace Paper


For this assignment, you will write a 4-5 page APA Style formatted paper on incivility within the healthcare metaparadigm.

According to the American Nurses Association (ANA):

Nurses are required to create an ethical
environment and culture of civility and kindness, treating colleagues,
co-workers, employees, students and others with dignity and respect.
Similarly, nurses must be afforded the same level of respect and dignity
as others. Thus, the nursing profession will no longer tolerate
violence of any kind from any source. (ANA, 2015)

Please make sure your 4-5 page paper includes the following:

  • A paragraph or two (2) introducing incivility within the healthcare metaparadigm.
  • A few paragraphs identifying how
    incivility impacts an individual nurses’ ability to use high level
    clinical judgement. (Think about the emotional factors, stress, and
    patient care needs, etc.)
  • A few paragraphs analyzing and
    identifying the issues that occur with workplace or clinical site
    incivility (Think about patient care outcomes, policies and procedures,
    injuries, etc.)
  • A few paragraphs discussing how the
    workplace or clinical site communication is/was affected due to
    incivility. (Did patients suffer? Were patient treatments missed?)
  • A few paragraphs identifying current
    initiatives that organizations are implementing to decrease incivility
    within the workplace or clinical sites (Review relevant information from
    the ANA, ONA, and/or Joint Commission, your organization’s policies and
    procedures, etc.)
  • Provide a closing or conclusion paragraph that ties the paper together.
  • Include two (2) APA Style formatted references and citations. For more information on how to cite and reference in APA Style, visit the APA Resources page at the Hondros Online Library.
  • Evaluate spelling, grammar, and make sure the paper is in APA Style format. Use the Sample Hondros College APA Paper as a guide and template..

Review the entire rubric to understand the full assignment criteria here.


American Nurses Association [ANA]. (2015). ANA position statement on incivility, bullying, and workplace violence. Retrieved from

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