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I am very much for the use of illicit drug use such as medical marijuana for patients. I have seen the benefits of using this as a medication for those who are suffering from cancer. It continues to be legalized in many states and there are many ways of consumption for this drug that are not smoking and lessoning the lung function while helping with other ailments. There is great controversy over the use of this as a medication, but as the opioid crisis continues to skyrocket it is easy to understand why a plant-based drug is being used more frequently by many. While there are still many instances that it would not be appropriate to take this as a medication such as, during pregnancy, while breast feeding, when working. These are also times in which medical professionals would recommend not taking narcotics as well. Working with patients everyone seems very terrified when the question is brought up if of “do you use any illicit drugs?”, many patients are going to say no, but if you ask someone if they have taken any hydrocodone, or tramadol, or valium, they are more likely to honestly answer that question. It can’t be said enough that when we ask these questions it is not to place judgement or to summon the police and have them arrested it is to be able to help them from a medical stand point and knowing the drugs or medications that have been consumed or are currently in their body can change the plan of action drastically. In a study from Pennsylvania, “Of patients who tested positive for any substance, 66 (46%) did not disclose any use; only 36% of patients who tested positive for marijuana disclosed current use”(Chang, 2017). If we were to make the use of some illicit drugs such as cannabis legal, it could be a huge deal for so many people that have bee hiding the benefits of this in fear of being reprimanded for using it.


Chang, J. C., Holland, C. L., Tarr, J. A., Rubio, D., Rodriguez, K. L., Kraemer, K. L., Day, N., & Arnold, R. M. (2017). Perinatal Illicit Drug and Marijuana Use. American Journal of Health Promotion, 31(1), 35–42.

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