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Organizational Management & Communication in Disasters

Crisis Communication Case Analysis Paper

The attached paper about:

Identify and critique the relevant principles of risk and crisis communication programs. Critically analyze the crisis communication program and messaging issued by:

Mayor C. Ray Nagin- Hurricane Katrina aftermath

Peer review process-Skill Development

Attached Files:

  • DMM 631 Peer Review Rubric for Crisis Communication Analysis Paper.docx (16.193 KB)
  • Universal intellectual standards Outline Image.jpg (71.096 KB)
  • RISE_rubric-peer.pdf (81.964 KB)

You are being provided the following paper to peer review (attached)

I would expect to receive back from you the marked-up paper, the Grammarly Premium report you ran on the paper (with your analytical critique of that report) and a completed Rubric/RISE response to the author.

Process: Run the Grammarly Premium report, including the plagiarism tool, with the following “goals”:

Knowledgeable Audience

Formality Formal

Domain Technical

Tone Analytical

Intent Convince

Second: Read the paper and take your notes on what you believe the author is saying. Were they successful? What questions did the paper make you ask?

Third: Read the paper again, with (in word) (Toolbar) Track Changes-ON, and make your comments from this second reading and any editing suggestions on the paper (edits will appear as track changes. For a note to the author, you will need to click “New Comment”

Fourth: Use the RISE Model of Peer Evaluation (attached, back two pages) to formulate CONSTRUCTIVE feedback and additional critique. Note the BOLD text is the preferred response from you; the second line represents behavior on the reviewers part that does not meet expectations.

Fifth: using the outlined measurement tool (rubric) of desired performance, check off your assessment for each item identified. Absent of a notation in the performance column will be interpreted as the item is not found, OR the reviewed didn’t make the effort to consider.

Finally, final product should be three documents (the Track changed document, your interpretation of the Grammarly report, and the Rubric/RISE feedback).

-APA Style

– Kindly follow the instructions above one by one.

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