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PJM480 MOD2 Peer Discussion Responses

Please reply to both POST1: and POST2: in at least 200 words.


of the projects that I have worked on involved a major electronic
navigation system upgrade at my work. In the project, I was in charge of
overseeing the installation of the equipment. I was one of many
stakeholders in this project. The project was scheduled to be completed
in a 5 year time period. The majority of the stakeholders in the project
were not localized so a strong communication plan was needed.

Effective communication in a project like this is a very important
step to have. It is important that all members involved in the project
have all the necessary information to complete this project effective
communication is a must especially in installation project like this,
because new information will be discovered (Katz, 1982). This project
did have a strong communication plan. In the communication plan, each
installation team-lead reported with a single point of contact. The
single point of contact ensured that the project installation leads
received all the necessary equipment to complete the installation. Most
of the information was shared through email. There was also a shared
intranet page that hosted common documents that the installation team
could utilize to assist with the installations.

The overall communication of the project was very well, but there
could be changes. Being that I was involved in the installations with
other teams in other regions, communication within the teams could have
been improved. One way to improve communication among the installation
teams is to have the ability to add best practices and other new
information to the shared web page. Having this information on the web
page allows for the installation teams to easily discover the
information which will improve the overall installation efficiency.


Katz, R. (1982). The Effects of Group Longevity on Project Communication and Performance. Administrative Science Quarterly, 27(1), 81. doi: 10.2307/2392547


A project that I have been a part of was when I designed a new deck
for my house. I found a company to do the work and I created a plan of
how I wanted it built. There was a communication barrier between me and
the contractor because he did not speak English that well. So, when I
explained details of the project he shook his head that he understood.
Once the project was finished I found many problems that were not built
to my design and would not have lasted in time.

I had to call the contractor multiple times and have him come to my
house to show him how the walls were built very poorly. He turned the
conversation around to make it seem like it was my fault that the walls
were built so weak. I had them come back and redo the posts to be much
stronger, and to leave after that because I wanted to put the walls back
together with a higher standard. So, my father, brother, and I worked
together to get the project done correctly. I would not hire from that
company again, and the project could have been easily built the correct
way from the beginning if communication was understood by both sides.
Communication could have been improved by making sure the contractor
understood the complete message and details I was looking for in the
project. Being present and available to answer any questions before the
project tasks were started would have saved the project from moving in
the wrong direction. Using more visual examples and speaking simpler
phrases and slower are other ways to improve communication and overcome
language barriers.

Communication is huge when it comes to knowing what is expected and
how to do the job right. When communication is lacking or missing, this
leads to more time, money, and effort to fix mistakes and start over to
get the job done right (Rajkumar, 2010). A project manager must
always communicate clearly with each party involved to ensure the
successful completion of project tasks on time and with high quality
(Project, 2020).


Project (2020). Communication the key to successful project management. Retrieved from

Rajkumar, S. (2010). Art of communication in project management. Retrieved from…

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