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Technology and teaching

This assignment will afford you the opportunity to look for online technology resources that are related to your integrated unit (Community). The technology resources you look for could be anything technology related that is relevant to the early childhood classroom. These resources should be teaching tools used with early childhood students to enhance their learning outcomes. As you locate resources, you may find onlineapps or games, free videos that could be used in a classroom, smart board programs, etc. You will be describing how these technology tools should and should not be used in the classroom. Using the Rubric as a guide, complete an internet search and locate two technology resources that could be used in a lesson related to your integrated unit (Community), such as places we live, community helpers, transportation and public places. Once you have located 2 resources, post a link to them in your discussion along with a detailed description of how this technology tool could be used effectively in an early childhood classroom and a description of the alignment to relevant learning standards. Describe which learning standards are addressed when utilizing the technology tool. Also address possible ineffective uses of the tool. Be sure the description is supported by information presented in the readings throughout the course. Some possible resources to begin your webquest are:

Falls Below Expectations

Approaches Expectations



Points = 0

No content is provided. The response is absent.

Points = 1-2

The original posting is not comprehensive in scope or it is not fully responsive to the prompt.

Points= 3-4

The original posting is comprehensive in scope and it is responsive to the prompt, however, further development is required.APA style partially utilized

Points = 5

The original posting is comprehensive in scope and it is highly responsive to the prompt. Moreover, this posting is fully developed. APA style is correctly utilized including the use of in-text citations and references.

You are required to compose a substantive, original discussion post responding tothe respective prompt for that discussion. Scholarly work that is commensurate for a Masters level program is the expectation. This includes the inclusion of references and resources in alignment with APA guidelines.

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