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CHFD210 Week 4 Discussion

The National Head Start Association (NHSA) ( is a non-profit organization dedicated to lead and support Head Start Programs across the country. Review their website paying special attention to the sections Head Start in the News and the information included under the Research tab. Share what information you have learned about Head Start and its benefits for young children and their families.

Minimum 250 words answer

Classmate #1:

Hello everyone!

Based on the website of the National Head Start Association (NHSA) , I have learned that Head Start is the most important and educational investment in children, families , and communities that the U.S has ever undertaken as it has has helped more than 35 million low -income and other vulnerable children and their families across the U.S ( National Head Start Association, n.d.). The idea, like the NHSA mentions , is revolutionary as it provides comprehensive health, nutrition, and education services to children in poverty. Moreover, Head Start is continuously improving the services it provides to children and families and respond to the changing needs of local communities and has had a strong impact on communities and early childhood program across the U.S.

For more than 5 decades, Head Start according to research and evaluation has had a positive impact on school readiness, academic achievement, heath, family stability and long-term success. As a matter of fact, for more than 5 decades, Head Start has provided early learning opportunities for the country ‘s most vulnerable children and comprehensive supports to families which address long-term economic stability and better health prospects, ultimately mitigating the devastating impacts that poverty can have on the future success of young children ( National Head Start Association, n.d.).There is also the fact that positive cognitive and non-cognitive outcomes have been seen in children that participate in the Head Start program, an impact on their vocabulary, an involvement of their parents in their education showing the effectiveness of this program for young children and their families.


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Classmate #2:

Hello Professor and Class,

Head start is an amazing program that was created in 1965 to give children that are currently in poverty a fair chance beginning their education journey. This program provides comprehensive health, nutrition, and education services to children. During the years our previous president served our country he created a budget that included a commitment to expand and strengthen childcare and early education programs, specifically increasing the duration of Head Start to a full school day and year ( The head start programs are created with four modules that includes; health, parental involvement, education and social services. This program allows children who care givers are going through a tough time a fair chance starting their education journey. I love that this program is beneficial to the entire family and not just the child. From the educator prospective, they also provide great training for their educators to ensure they are qualified to be successful. I think this is a great program and needed to help everyone have a chance at a bright future.

Minimum 150 words for each

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