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comparing India to the united state

-1 doctor per 1,7000 citizens

– Rural areas- “Inaccessibility of healthcare information to citizens and patients is one of the major challenges—patients typically have no visibility into availability of beds, blood, drugs, and equipment”

-Paper based health records.

-This is delaying the diagnosis leading to poor quality of healthcare services.

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-WHO ranked India’s healthcare system 112th/190 countries

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– Only ¼ of India’s population has access to healthcare. Those citizens live in the urban areas where there is infrastructure and technology.

-70% of India’s population lives in rural areas.

-There are only 2% of MDs available in these areas.

-Without the growth of infrastructure and technology, there will not be good access to healthcare in rural India

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Technology Analysis of Social Justice in India

Science and Technology have always been an important part of Indian culture since the 1900s. Since then the Government has established modern technology and continues to do so. With support from the Government and investments, development in agriculture, healthcare, space research, and nuclear power through research has improved. Science and Technology is a key element of economic growth in India, brining economic growth with social justice. In India, technology is used to help poor reap benefits by redistributing income. Jan Dhan banking accounts are given to everyone in the country, which allows benefits to be transferred directly into the beneficiary account. Although technology has improved in India, there is a gender gap in the access of technology. There is a 27% gap between men and women, meaning 27% less women have access to internet. Studies has also shown that only 28% of women in India own a mobile device.

Shows India’s Research & Development Investment and how it has increased since 2016


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