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Discuss fairness in the workplace

The faculty would like you to review a video, excerpted from a lecture by Frans de Waal (“Moral Behavior in Animals,” TEDxPeachtree, 2011). Fair Matters (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Note to Students: This video includes footage of an experiment with capuchin monkeys where one animal becomes highly agitated. If you prefer not to view this video, please review the article entitled, “Monkeys Show Sense of Fairness, Study Shows,” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. that provides an overview of this research from the perspective of National Geographic News author, Sean Markey (2003).

If the video link does not work for you, you can search for the video online by using the terms “Frans de Waal,” “TED,” and “moral behavior in animals.”


Create a post in which you respond to the following:

  • Why do you think the faculty for this course wanted you to see this video?
  • When it comes to the workplace, what do you think we mean by “fair”?
  • In your experience, what happens within the workplace when there is a perception, rightly or wrongly, that employees are not being treated fairly?

How do you think HR professionals can influence the perception that the workplace is “fair”? Is it important to do so?

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