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Project Charter and Project Scope 1 of 5


Develop project charter and scope documents for a chosen health care scenario using templates provided. The page limit for this assessment is 3-5 pages double spaced.

Questions to Consider:

Consider an example of a workplace project that involves procuring a new service or capital equipment:

  • What do you need to know about this project to explain the scope to senior management?
  • What change should occur as a result of implementing the project?
  • How would you communicate to senior management the value this project would bring?
    • Is it easily quantifiable, or would you need to use some non-numeric information such as a cost-effectiveness analysis for calculating the value of the project?
  • What kind of team dynamics issues might you face?
    • What kinds of leadership skills would be necessary for successful project completion?

Scenario Identification

Identify a workplace project or a project scenario. The scenario you choose may be an actual workplace project or a project scenario that you create. In either case, the project planning skills you demonstrate throughout the course should involve a project that procures a new service line or capital equipment.

The audience for this assessment would be senior leadership in the selected organization.

Project Charter and Project Scope Documents

Develop a project charter and project scope for the scenario you have chosen. The project charter and scope are important project planning documents and are key to getting commitment and buy-in from senior leadership. There is no page limit for either of these documents. Your audience will be the work supervisor for the project and ultimately senior leadership.

Compose your document in the form and style that is expected by senior leadership in the scenario you selected. Note: If your workplace does not have a prescribed format, search the Internet for examples and select a style that best fits this scenario.

Project Charter

Use the Project Charter Template, linked in the Required Resources, to create a charter that includes:

  • Project Duration.
  • Project Objectives.
    • Explain how the project objectives support the organization’s overall strategy.
  • Roles and Responsibilities (of the project team and key stakeholders).
    • Apply business and organizational principles and techniques that are appropriate within your organization.
    • Explain the rationale for why you have decided on these roles and responsibilities.
    • Cite relevant professional and scholarly literature that supports your decisions.
Project Scope

Use the Project Scope Template, linked in the Required Resources, to develop a project scope in which you cover the following:

  • Project Purpose and Objectives: Describe the project’s purpose and business objectives.
  • Project Scope: Describe the project’s scope, external dependencies, assumptions, and constraints, based on its objectives.
    • List the project milestones.
    • Provide details about the project’s approach, including plans for managing change, communications, and resources.
  • Establish Baseline Performance Measures: Identify methods for determining scope creep, including how to minimize and manage it. This will help establish the baseline performance measures to help a project team stay on track throughout execution of the project.
    • Describe the methods you would apply to minimize and manage scope creep.
    • Explain why your proposed methods constitute a preferable strategy for your project.


Performance Measures

Review the following:

Project Plan Examples

Review the following:

  • Joy, J., & Nambirajan, T. (2016). Resource tracking and planning system project: An adapted implementation model. SCMS Journal of Indian Management, 13(2), 40–55.
  • Project Management Institute (PMI). (n.d.). Retrieved from
  • Meredith, J. R., Mantel, S. J., Jr., Shafer, S. M., & Sutton, M. M. (2017). Project management in practice (6th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. Available in the bookstore.
    • Chapter 8, “Evaluating and Closing the Project,” pages 269–290.
Performance Measures

Review the following:

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