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FILM 4: Children of Heaven (1997, Iran), Majid Majidi.

Readings: 1) Majid Majidi and New Iranian Cinema, Annie Gregory.


2) The Children of Heaven, on Earth: Neorealism, Iranian Style,” Bert Cardullo.

3) “’Caught Between Poetry and Censorship’: The Influence of State Regulation and Sufi Poeticism on Contemporary Iranian Cinema,” Rosa Holman.


  • Please follow the Viewing Guide requirement, answer these question.

IMPORTANT: If you use a source to support your answers, you must reveal those sources.

Please, keep in mind that each question must be answered in a complete way. You need to explain concepts usually taken from the readings. Each answer needs its own room to really explain and develop the idea that is being asked. If you need to write a whole page per answer, just go ahead and do it. It is very important to attentively read the questions. Usually, they contain several ideas, components, or elements. You need to address each one of those elements. You are expected to submit complete, well argued, and well written answers. Homework is based on knowledge and actual analysis, not on opinions.

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