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research paper about (Refugees)

Research Paper 1: Refugees

  • Due Saturday by 03:00 pm
  • Points 100
  • Submitting a file upload
  • File Types doc, rtf, docx, and pdf

Research Paper 1 Requirements:

Hard-paper and/or email copies will not be accepted.

If you miss the deadline, even by a second, your paper will be considered late and you will receive a half-point penalty (90 becomes 45).


We will be using the case study on refugees in Chapter 4 (pages 122-123) as a starting point for this research paper. You will form a thesis that clearly addresses the following question: Do states have a responsibility to accept political refugees? *Remember, we are talking about “states” as sovereign government entities, not the 50 states within the United States. In your research, disregard any article that discusses which U.S. states have governors that are/are not open to receiving refugees in their state. In our course, a “state” is the United States as a whole or Germany. It is not “California” or “Alabama.”

Your thesis needs to be unambiguously articulated in your introduction and throughout the body of your paper. The idea behind a research paper is to formulate an argument (your thesis) and then provide evidence that supports that argument throughout the paper. Keep in mind that an acceptable thesis is not just “States do/do not have a responsibility to accept political refugees.” You need to clearly state why you are taking the position you are taking. Thus, a good thesis would be “States do/do not have a responsibility to accept political refugees because….”

I recommend downloading this APA Template I created for the course in which I help you not only with APA formatting but also how to structure and frame your argument.

Page Length

4-6 pages (does not include “Reference,” “Title,” “Abstract,” pages and any pictures or graphs)


APA cover page, abstract, in-text citations, and reference page; Times New Roman, size 12 or 11; 1” margins all around; Page numbers; Double-spaced

If you never used APA, do not worry. I recommend downloading and using the APA Template I created for this course.


Aim for at least three credible sources (you can use the textbook as one of the three). You must use APA formatting, which includes a title page, abstract, and reference page. APA Formatting and Style Guide Online, Purdue OWL, (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., Accessed August 20, 2015. Make sure to cite the textbook, if you use it. I will review your sources, so make sure all outside references are credible (not a blog, not Wikipedia) and cited correctly. Tip: If you are unsure about the credibility of a source, do an Internet search about the author and/or institution. You will easily find information that suggests whether or not the source has a bias. You can use such sources if you need to but you must acknowledge the potential bias of the source and how it might impact your argument. Another Tip: It’s always better to over-cite than under-cite.


Make sure to view the rubric before starting your paper.


To help you with your research, visit the Reference Desk at the Library (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. You can also go to the Library Databases (Links to an external site.)Links to an external conduct research on your own. Remember, Wikipedia is not a scholarly source (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. If you cite Wikipedia in any work in this course, you will lose points.

If you need help with writing and/or want someone to proofread your work for clarity, visit TASC (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Both the Library and TASC are available to all students so take advantage of them!

Helpful Links

To help you get started with your thesis/research, check out the following:

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