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Topic 4 DQ 1

Please respond with a paragraph to the following post, add citations and references:

Changes are important. It is crucial to adapt and make changes. Sometimes, when making changes there will be conflicts. According to Community Door (n.d.), conflicts can arise from lack of communication, misunderstanding, lack of planning, “poor staff selection”, “frustration, stress, and burnout” (p. 2). Sometimes conflicts happen because staff do not like the policies or the change itself. It is important to deal with the conflict instead of avoiding it. So, the problem can be deescalated or solved. This will help strengthen the organization and its mission

In this scenario the conflict seems happen because of lack of communication. The new director is reorganizing the department, but he or she is not asking the employees for their input. The employees have worked in the department way longer than the new director. So, they may feel like they know about the department better than the new director. The lack of communication may have also made the employees feel unappreciated. Like, their suggestions are not valuable. According to NRS-451V Lecture 4 (2013), as a nurse it is my responsibility to “[encourage] growth in the organization” (p. 1). So, I need to work with the employees. So, to manage the conflict in this scenario, I will communicate with the new director. I will let the director know how the other employees are feeling and suggestions to deescalate the problem. The suggestions include the director asking for the employees’ input and trying to make changes according to the input. This will not only help the director maintain order, but it will also let the director gain respect. Communicating with each other will help resolve problems and help strengthen the department.


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