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Weeks 4 and 5 Mini Papers

Week 4: Narrative Therapy

  • Fraenkel, P., Hameline, T., & Shannon, M. (2009). Narrative and collaborative practices in work with families that are homeless. Journal Of Marital And Family Therapy, 35(3), 325-342.
  • Video Clip: When your child is diagnosed with schizophrenia: The skills and knowledge of parents by Amanda Worrall (on-line 34-minute lecture) *I have the article transcript of this video to provide.
  • Mini Paper (1 page to 1½ page total)
    • What were some parallels and differences between the application of Narrative Therapy with the families who are homeless and parents with children diagnosed with schizophrenia (1/2 page)?
    • Choose the approach that you believe needs the most improvement and provide a few suggestions (1/2 – ¾ page)

Week 5: Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

  • Johnson, S. M. (2015). Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy. In Alan S. Gurman, Jay L. Lebow, & Douglas K. Snyder (Eds.), Clinical handbook of couple therapy (5th Edition). New York: Guilford Press, (pp. 97 – 124).
  • Mini Paper (1 page to 1½ page total
    • Compare and contrast Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) with Madsen’s Collaborative Mapping. (1/2-3/4 page) *The link for the video of Madsen is above underneath the article for the week.
    • Drawing from the case presented in the Madsen tape I played in the first class (there is also a hyperlink to that clip in Session 1 of this syllabus), speculate on working with the parents seeking marriage therapy and provide a description of the EFT-based “negative interaction cycle” they might engage in when arguing (1/4-1/2 page)

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