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3 pages Coffee & Type 2 diabetes Literature review

Literature Review Assignment

BIOL 1322

  • Points

  • First pick a nutrition-focused topic.You may choose from the list of topics provided on blackboard or you may choose another nutrition topic (not on the list) that includes a food/ingredient/supplement & a health issue.
    • For the scope of this paper, it would be best to choose something that is not too broad – narrow your topic (For example, instead of ‘diabetes’, choose “high fiber diet & type 2 diabetes”).
      • Topics not on the “pre-approved topics” list must be approved by professor
  • Find 4 scholarly research journal articles on your topic. Articles cannot be >15 years old.
  • Read the full articles (not just the abstracts) carefully and write a summary (in your own words*) of what you have learned about the topic from reading the 4 articles.
    • Your paper should be at least 3 pages long, double-spaced, 12pt font, 1” margins on all sides. Points will be lost if formatting guidelines are not followed.
    • In-Text Citations must be used. Remember that all sources should be cited within the text. (
  • Complete a Bibliography: List the complete citation for each of the 4 scholarly journal articles that you have found on your topic.
    • You must submit a copy of each of the article’s abstracts (or the complete articles) along with your paper.
    • List the citations for the 4 scholarly articles you have found on your topic.
      • Use MLA or APA format.
      • Your citations should look something like this: (I used APA)
        • Rheem, D. S., Baylink, D. J., Olafsson, S., Jackson, C. S., & Walter, M. H. (2010). Prevention of colorectal cancer with vitamin D. Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology, 45, 775-784.

  • What needs to be submitted to blackboard on or before due date:
  • A 3 page, properly-formatted, nutrition review paper using a minimum of 4 peer-reviewed/ scholarly research journal articles.
  • An APA or MLA formatted bibliography page with a list of all the references used as cited within the paper.
  • A copy of each of the article’s abstracts (or the complete articles) that you used in your paper.

I suggest setting up your literature review paper something like this:

1. Introduction – Overview of the topic and general information about your topic & why your topic is important. Remember to not use 1st person in research writing. Avoid using a casual tone in your wording.

2. Body – This part is where you write a summary, in your own words, about each of the articles. You can do a different paragraph for each article. I am just looking for an overall summary of what the research aimed to find out & what the results were. You need not go into much detail about the methodology (just the major things like what the parameters of the research were: many participants; what was tested, etc.). Avoid sounding ‘biased” about the topic; avoid using a casual tone; & avoid using 1st person.

3. Conclusions: In this section you will want to give a “wrap-up” of what conclusions you have made about the topic based on your articles.

4. Include a BIBLIOGRAPHY/ Works Cited page – Done in APA or MLA format

If you are having a hard time finding a topic or articles: The goal is to pick a specific nutritional supplement or diet that recommended or used by persons with a particular issue or condition & then search the ACC library database for recent journal articles about that topic. A good way to start searching for supplements or diets that are used or recommended for a particular condition is by doing a search on Google Scholar, For example, if I searched for “athletic performance + nutritional supplements” I see things like ‘creatine’, ‘carnitine’, ‘amino acids’, ‘nitric oxide supplements’ so I would use one of those terms & start searching on the ACC library database. The search can narrowed down to athletic performance (or whatever disease or condition you are focusing on) after the initial search. The Google scholar search will give you ideas for more specific search topics – not as a main source of articles. The assignment requires scholarly journal articles. The journal articles will need to be from library research journals & you need to be reading the full-text version for your paper. Go to the ACC library online: and under “Quickly Find Articles”, enter your search term (click on the ‘Full Text’ & the ‘Scholarly’ boxes to increase the likelihood of getting results that you want).

*Important: Everything must be written in YOUR own words.Do not copy and paste anything.Always cite your source. Use quotation marks when quoting directly from your source but limit this as much as possible.The goal of this paper is for you to read the information from the sources you have collected and then write in your own words as you understand it.Do not try to pass off someone else’s work as your own.

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