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Assess and Plan Hazardous Materls & Ind Saftey discussion

1. View this week’s powerpoint case study, (weekly topics) and provide your answers to all the questions. You may do this individually, or as a group, as long as we can identify your active participation. REMEMBER to discuss each other’s contribution.

2. INDIVIDUALLY, identify your local and/or regional HazMat resource facilities or “key personnel” (toxicologist, poison control center, industrial/transportation mitigation expert teams, etc). Provide the contact, agency, address and phone contact as a resource list. Which ICS form would this best be placed on?

3. Prepare your “Master” Incident Action Plan “Template” for your portfolio, specifically (including) related to all government and private resources, including specialized medical care facilities, that you would use for an event in your jurisdiction.

4. Locate, identify, and provide your cohort with two “unique” (not class materials cited) on-line or off-line resources for the identification of hazardous materials or the protection/mitigation/emergency care of same. (In other words, resources that would be useful to you if you were in the role of the HazMat IC or Tech Specialist).

5. Research and review the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS). List the purpose and goal of the SNS for local response and governmental response organizations.

Week 5 READING: Assess and Plan

Attached Files:

  • Case Study week 5 Planning the Incident.ppt (1.971 MB)

1. Read Noll Chapters 9 to 11

2. Read Stilp, R. and Bevelacqua, A.; Emergency Medical Response to Hazardous Material Incidents, Chapter 5, 12, App A

3. Read Henry, T.; Decontamination for Hazardous Materials Emergencies

4. Consider browsing Medical Management of Radiological Casualties, from the Resources/Library

5. Work the PowerPoint problems as INDIVIDUALS, and COMMENT/DISCUSS each others submission.

6. Extend last week’s data in your portfolio: Identify your community’s local (municipality), regional (county), state/province Emergency Management Agency and locate the EOC contact for each division. Submit address, phone, website, email (as part of your portfolio) Identify the Chief Emergency Manager, the designated Hazardous Materials agency and lead officer and lead technical specialist for each level.

7. Research and review the “Whole Community” Planning principles. Extend your research into week 6 describing the purpose and goal of this planning method. List 3 considerations that you would now include in your preparation for response (think globally as an expanding event).

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